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Your History of Trauma Matters for Menopause

Plus, how psilocybin may be able to help with symptoms of this major mid-life change Written By Jennifer Chesak, Author of The Psilocybin Handbook for Women With severe asthma, I was seriously ill as a child. I was frequently hospitalized,sometimes in the intensive care unit. At one point when I was about eight, I had […]

Healing from Childhood Emotional Neglect

Written By Tina Hamilton, The Healing Parent Childhood emotional neglect is the “failure of caregivers to provide adequate emotional support, validation, and attention to a child or dependent adult1.” Last month, we dove deep into Childhood Emotional Neglect – what it is, what it looks like, the signs you experienced it as a child, and […]

Gen Z and Mental Health – New Frontiers

Written By Michael Robb Struggles against mental health have persisted across generations, but the rising adults of Gen Zhave been able to confront them with an unprecedented level of unity and openness. What feltimpossible to discuss openly mere decades ago now has many outlets thanks to community-minded spaces on the internet and influential artists expressing […]

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Written By Kathryn Marsh, Prosecutor POV Content Warning: This article contains references of sexual assault & abuse. Please continue reading with care. Jane made it home. Her arms wrapped tightly around herself, just needing to hold herself together a little longer. Once she made it inside, she collapsed on the couch, in shock, in pain, […]

The #1 Micro-Trauma Every Human has Experienced: Childhood Emotional Neglect

Written By Tina Hamilton, The Healing Parenting Coach “If you want something to cry about, I’ll give you something!” “Big girls don’t cry!” “Go to your room until you can stop crying!” “You’re fine. Brush it off and get on up.” There isn’t an adult I talk to who hasn’t heard these words – or […]

Shaming Younger Generations Perpetuates Cycles of Trauma: Let’s Stop It and Focus on Empathy

By Jennifer Chesak In what I refer to as the “generation wars,” I frequently see memes from older generations that say, “We are not the same.” The memes are intended to shame younger generations. And my thought when I see these posts is, “Thankfully we are not the same, because I don’t want younger generations […]
I Can't Believe I'm not Dead

I Can’t Believe I’m Not Dead: Escaping Abuse, a Cult, Attempted Murder and Other Insanities…A Story That Cannot Be True, But Is

Written by Kendra Petty I Can’t Believe I’m Not Dead. Seriously, I cannot believe it! I have escaped death on a number of occasions. It baffles me how many times I ended up in situations where I could have or should have died, and I didn’t.    In addition to all the near-death experiences, I […]
Breath work

Breath Work Basics for Healing

Dr. Randall Hansen, Ph.D. Does it sound odd talking about breath work when our breathing is handled automatically via our autonomic nervous system? And that’s exactly the point. Our breathing is automatic, yet we can control it as well. Thus when we discuss breath work exercises, we are focused on breathing exercises that are consciously […]

How to do the Inner Child Work? Why is Inner Work Important in Parenting?

Written By Tina Hamilton, Parenting POV She was quiet when she got in the car. It was only the second week of school, and I could tell something was off. “How was your day, love?” I asked my daughter, knowing full well that this isn’t the question that is going to get me answers. “Fine,” […]

Leave The Other Half Behind, Look For A Cherry Instead

A newlywed’s advice on the first step one should take for finding ‘the one’ in the healthiest way. Written By Sarah Correa-Dibar, Gen Z POV When my friends or colleagues ask me how it feels to be married, my true response is “complete.” It’s not because my husband is my ‘other half’ or ‘he completes […]