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Inner Child Work

How to do the Inner Child Work? Why is Inner Work Important in Parenting?

Written By Tina Hamilton, Parenting POV She was quiet when she got in the car. It was only the second week of school, and I could tell something was off. “How was your day, love?” I asked my daughter, knowing full well that this isn’t the question that is going to get me answers. “Fine,” […]

Why is inner work important? (Especially as a parent) What does healing + parenting look like together?

Written by AIM Parenting POV Contributor, Tina Hamilton, The Healing Parent “Look what you did!” I shouted at her as she sat stunned on the kitchen counter. “Don’t you see this mess?! What were you thinking?” I continued. It wasn’t until her dad came running into the kitchen and grabbed me by the shoulders, shouting […]

Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays?

Is One More American Than the Other? A Prosecutor’s Perspective By: Kathryn Marsh Recently, around this time of year, there appears to be a lot of debate about using “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays,” in fact it’s become such a hot button issue that there is now political polling on what phrase should be used […]

Unveiling the Inner Child: Navigating Parenting Through Healing and Authenticity

By: Tina Hamilton, The Healing Parent (Parenting POV) Imagine for a moment that you’re at the playground with your toddler after a long, sleepless night with your newborn, now (of course) asleep in the stroller. As your oldest independently explores the toddler-friendly equipment, you plop on a bench, and with one eye on the playground, […]

Nurturing Our Inner Child: A Journey of Reparenting and Spiritual Connection

Deep within ourselves there exists our pure essence—a tender soul within us, longing to be acknowledged and nurtured. This essence, known as the inner child, is the keeper of our emotions, memories, experiences, and our innocence. It is within the depths of this sacred space that we discover the transformative power of connecting with our […]