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Mental Health Apps


Meditation is recommended by many therapist for stress relief and headspace allows you to do it with lighthearted animated characters to lead the practice.

PDSD Coach

The PTSD Coach App is designed for those who have or may have post-traumatic stress disorder. Many people associate PTSD with veterans, but many people who endure traumatic events develop PTSD.

The Daily Yoga App

The Daily Yoga App has more than 100 yoga and meditation classes for all levels. The app keeps records of all your practices to see your progress.


Breathe2Relax is an app that’s specifically designed for stress management. The app teaches therapeutic breathing exercises.


A wonderful coping skill is distraction and the Happify App is a game-based app to relieve stress. According to Happify, the games are science-backed to reduce stress and help you live a happier life.


Recolor is an adult-friendly coloring app. The coloring is also another therapeutic technique that will help with calming the mind. You can set the difficulty, perfect for both beginners and advanced users.


Talkspace virtually matches you with licensed therapists who you can text anytime you need. The app has traditional therapy for teens and couples.

The MindShift

The Mindshift App is specifically designed for teens and young adults who have anxiety. The app helps you face intense emotions and learn how to rethink living with anxiety.

Freely Health

Freely Health offers an emotional support network for people struggling with mental health, addiction issues and loneliness. Users are able to connect with trained listeners 24/7. Freely aims to create an easily accessible environment where safe, anonymous conversations are readily available.